We are moving in a week

For the past year we have been living in a one bedroom apartment. Lately it hasn't been the best here. Creepy people everywhere and no matter what we do there are bugs all over the kitchen. With Forest on his way I was hating the thought of having to stay here any longer but it seemed like our best option. Well the other day I get a call from my grandma saying she is going on the road with my grandpa and that we should move into her home. YAY! Now Forest will have his own room and Oscar will get a backyard. The house does come with my sister and my old cat Vela. I haven't lived with my sister in over 6 years and I'm not sure how Oscar and Vela will get along but I am hoping it all goes well. Movers will be here early on July 17th so we have a lot of work to do getting all of our stuff packed and ready by then. It will be worth all the hard work!

I am 32 weeks today!! We have 4 to 8 weeks to go before we all can meet Forest.

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