Forest Oliver Trish is here!

Our son arrived Wednesday August 11, 2010 6:25 pm.
He was 5 lb 4.6 oz and 19.5 in tall. 

I had been having trouble with high blood pressure for about a month that only seemed to be getting worse. I was scheduled for weekly doctor appointments and twice a week non-stress tests at the hospital. At my first non-stress test the nurse told me my blood pressure was 180/112 and most likely the doctor will want to induce right away. She was right Dr. Meyer came in and told me and my sister today is the day it was just up to me how I wanted it done. C-section was the better choice since being induced with that high of blood pressure seemed to risky for me. Finally my mom arrived and we were all going crazy trying to get a hold of Jeff who was still at work for another half an hour. The nurse kept telling me I was going in to surgery within twenty minutes. Thankfully the nurses didn't get me in as quick as they said they were going to and Jeff made it just in time. When Forest was born I only got to see him for a second when they held him over the sheet and then again in the recovery room for maybe about half an hour. Jeff and I were taken to our room where we had to wait 10 hours before Forest could come stay with us. He was having breathing problems and had to be monitored until they thought he was ok. He had other problems like not keeping his body temp up and not feeding well but he is doing great now. Sunday we finally got to come home were we have just been hanging out and having fun with him. 

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